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Kyle Pennell
Occupational Therapist


My name is Kyle, and I am based in Hamilton from the Active+ Te Rapa branch.

I have been practicing OT since January of 2006 and prior to retraining I worked in a branch management position and product performance role in the tyre industry.


I have experience in the mental health and addictions field as a case manager and crisis team support member. I have been a Occupational Therapist for clients in forensic, inpatient and community settings and enjoyed the challenge of helping those I supported to be more involved in life and meaningful occupations.

I have also had experience as a group programme coordinator for the Henry Rongomau Bennett centre and community mental health service. I enjoy therapeutic use of groups for education and re-socialisation. I have likewise used Music and Recreation pursuits as therapies to build self-esteem and resilience.

I am Sensory Modulation trained and used these skills daily with acutely unwell people as non-seclusion options for clients living in a mental health inpatient environment. Sensory profiles and sensory kits were developed alongside each individual and I have used this skills equally as pain management strategies.

Vocational stay at work and back to work programmes, pain management and training for independence have been my focus for the past few years. I enjoy task and work analysis, and think creatively to support my clients, family/whanau and employers to meet their goals.


My Goals

Kyle Pennell