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Alex Dougall


Alex is from Edinburgh, and completed a Bachelor of Health Science degree with Honors (Physiotherapy) in Aberdeen, Scotland. She initially came to New Zealand in 2012 for a few months of travelling, however is still here and isn't planning on leaving anytime soon! She has over 4 years experience in private practice and is trained in Acupuncture and Pilates. Alex enjoys all areas of physiotherapy but has a special interest in biomechanical issues, exercise-based rehabilitation and using a holistic approach to help others achieve their goals. Alex has worked with NZ beach volleyball teams and North Harbour indoor volleyball for the past 3 seasons. Alex also has experience working with rugby, football and softball teams. In her spare time she keeps herself out of trouble with horse riding, netball, social beach volleyball, catching up with friends and some volunteering for Riding for the Disabled.

My Goals

Learn how to horse ride properly (instead of just hacking/plodding!)

Finish all our DIY projects we stupidly take on

Make "Cake Wednesdays" a thing at Active+ Warkworth so there's always cake on hump day

Alex Dougall


BHSc (Hons) Physiotherapy
Pilates Instructor