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Finau Fa'anunu
Practice Manager


Malo e lelei, Ko Finau eni

Finau was born here in New Zealand, but her family and heritage come from the beautiful island of Tonga. Finau is our receptionist who organises the physio’s days and manages the daily upkeeping of the clinic.

In her spare time, Finau is either surrounded by family, friends and her church communities, or has escaped on a camping trip for some alone time, soaking in Mother Nature’s beauty spots.

What is your favourite part of the job?

Meeting new clients (whether it’s over the phone or a walk in) and feeling so confident that they will get the best care from the best clinicians around.


You’re not just another NHI/ACC number when you walk in, you’re a person! There is a difference in the value of service

My Goals

  1. Add value to people
  2. Add more value to people
  3. Smile through it all