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Hannah Irvine


Hannah gained a wide range of clinical experience whilst working as a physiotherapist in the UK, before arriving in New Zealand in June 2017. She now joins us as our newest member of the team at Airport Oaks.

Hannah has been a physio at the British Transplant Games in 2016 and 2018. She has also been selected to be part of the team at the upcoming World Transplant games in August 2019.

Hannah really enjoys working alongside her clients. Her focus is always to get them back to the hobbies and interests that are important to them (no matter how active these may be!!!). Her clinical interests include Sports Rehabilitation, Chronic pain Rehabilitation, Exercise Therapy and Dry Needling. Hannah's personal hobbies include running, swimming, walking and exploring New Zealand!

My Goals

  • To swim across the Auckland Harbour Bridge (and back again...)
  • To complete my third skydive - don't tell my mum!
  • To complete advanced Dry Needling Qualifications
Hannah Irvine


Bachelor of Science (Honours) Physiotherapy, University of Liverpool, 2014