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In her role as a physiotherapist and pilates instructor Megan has been an essential part of my recovery from a range of injuries. Her no nonsense, knowledgeable, supportive and practical approach has been invaluable in the four years that I have known her. I have recommended her to a number of friends and business colleagues and they too have found her fantastic.

Ruth Clavis


I am a middle-aged woman who goes to pilate classes twice a week at Active Physio Albany My goal is to remain fit and flexible to get the most out of life, and the workouts deliver that. It was important to me to go to a organisation that I would feel supported, challenged and be part of a team that was working with me. My physio and Pilates Instructor, Jenny Payne, has been fantastic, encouraging but at the same time pushing me when needed.

Margaret Latimer


I was a 47-year-old breast cancer survivor with a completely reconstructed left breast from my back muscle. Life was looking pretty bad and the lymphodema at the time was hard to live with and restricting. Two weeks after my removal and reconstruction operation I met Claire. I was really scared and not knowing what I was meant to do or how I was going to live with the restrictions. Straight away Claire made me feel at ease, being gentle with me and explaining what she was going to do and how the operation had effected my lymphatic system and my body. Within the first few weeks and knowing how much more movement I had after doing the exercises, my weekly visits to Claire were the highlight of my week. Not only has Claire helped with exercises and drainage but she is also willing to answer my endless questions as I begin to accept my new breast and life. Claire learned that I need challenges and goals and every week she would give me a new challenge, of which I would try to smash the next week. This journey for me has not finished but Claire has been my constant companion by my side, guiding and helping me every step of the way.

Thankyou Claire for everything. I am not yet ready to give you up and after my next operation I will be ready for new challenges and guidance.

Lynn Kenyon

Breast Cancer Survivor

I am a very unhappy customer today… but this is because my rehab has now finished! I was very fortunate to be referred by ACC to Paul Lagerman, and jokingly I have been telling people it has been a revelation! (there truth behind it though). When I met Paul I was in a very dark place both physically and mentally, I had taken a lot longer to recover from my back surgery than I would of ever imagined. Paul was very blunt and to the point and the 10-12 weeks I have spent with him have set me on the right track to being fully fit. Despite the od twinge I am now recovered and the next goal is just general fitness and weight loss. This would not have happened without Paul. He challenged me and changed my mind-set - a mind that was very set with what previous physio’s have taught me over the last 7 years of back trouble. I now have a very proactive mind when it comes to my back. I can’t recommend Paul enough.

Kevin Blakeman

Happy Customer

For years I have been to chiropracters, osteopaths and physiotherapists without much success. Then I found Ian Marshall at Active Physio...Ian is a very personable, empathetic, fun and friendly guy, with his number one goal being to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. The exercises he gives to do at home are very manageable and not excessive. I'm so grateful I have found such a professional, energetic guy who cares about me and my well being. I highly reommend Ian to all my friends and family.

Daryl Evans

Sales Rep

I would like to thank you for your help in my recovery. I feel that the educational side of the recovery plan was vital to my recovery, after a long time of being told not to do things and having a closed minded attitude to my limits and pain. The information Paul has given me really helped me understand why I was still getting pain. After 5 weeks with Pauls expertise I finaly felt confident enough to return to work after 13 months. The fitness plan I felt was great, it put into action what Paul had told me, after the first week I was already doing more than I thought I could and felt safe doing so.

Joe D

Happy Customer

I first visited Megan six weeks after surgery, feeling very vulnerable with a reconstructed and very scarred chest. Initially I saw Megan on a one to one basis to learn the necessary exercises to regain full movement of my arm. I also had weekly massages to help with lyphodema but more important was the psychological comfort these sessions gave me. After a few weeks I started Pinc Pilates and under Megan's guidance I worked at my own level and slowly built up to more demanding exercises. Eighteen months later I am still enjoying these classes. Megan promised to have me back to my fit and active self within months of surgery and together we achieved that with her at my side every step of the way. Physiotherapy played a large part in my recovery and in particular with Megan's professionalism, encouragement and understanding I have regained my confidence and fitness.

Linda Skelton

Happy Customer

PINC Cancer Rehab: This program has been a huge positive focus in a time of extreme stress. Megan was a fantastic support who adapted the program to support my mood and stress at the time. I have loved the interaction with her and an exercise program that suits me and makes me feel better about myself. I have had years of almost constant back pain and this program has had a huge positive effect on reducing the pain I experience and improving my quality of life.

Dr Diane Fraser

Unitech, Auckland