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Tamar Lazarus
Massage Therapist


Tamar holds a Diploma in Therapeutic Massage from Wellpark College of Natural Therapies. She gravitated to massage as a way of understanding preventive medicine as a key part of maintaining wellbeing, Tamar believes in the on-going positive effects of massage in helping the body in relaxation and restoration, improving circulation and shifting aches and pains.

Tamar has worked in sports and corporate environments and is passionate about integrating the many methods of body work to assist the body in its natural self-repairing and restoring ability. She has incorporated many techniques in her work with clients including neuromuscular techniques, acupressure, sports, mayo-fascial, reflexology and lymphatic drainage. Tamar also acknowledges and promotes activities including stretches, posture exercises and stress reducing methods to achieve balance and wellbeing.

Tamar is a mother of twins who also holds a Diploma in Art and Jewellery, is passionate about music and regularly practices Yoga, Meditation and Pilates. She advocates of the importance of heart, mind, and body well-being 

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Tamar Lazarus


Diploma Therapeutic Massage