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Jenny Peters


A seasoned physiotherapist, Jenny Peters, extends her passion for healing beyond the clinic. With a focus on hands-on therapy, dry needling, and personalized exercise prescriptions, she becomes your trusted partner in achieving optimal physical well-being. Her expertise shines in swift and effective care for musculoskeletal injuries, ensuring a quicker recovery. Utilizing various soft tissue techniques, she relieves tension and promotes relaxation with her healing hands. Jenny's pain management proficiency ensures you receive personalized solutions for discomfort relief and improved quality of life.

Beyond her patient care, Jenny embraces an active lifestyle, often found on the golf course, refining her swing or nurturing her bond with horses. Her dedication to health and wellness isn't just a profession; it's a way of life.

Whether you're recovering from an injury or seeking pain relief, Jenny's holistic approach guarantees you receive tailored, top-notch care.

My Goals

To be a better golf player!

Jenny Peters


Bachelor of Health Studies - Physiotherapy
Bachelor of Commerce