Covid19 - Our service is still running via Telehealth, click here to find out more

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About our Practice

An update on the services we offer

We hope that you are all keeping well and healthy during this lockdown period. We are still operating for business - despite this being under slightly different conditions!

Here is an update on the services that we can provide during this time:

Online Telehealth appointments for new or existing ACC injuries. This is an online video consultation during which we can provide assessment and treatment. There's no better time to get on top of your exercises.

Contract based vocational rehab and pain management These programmes are still in operation.

Pre-recorded Pilates classes Catch our cardio Pilates, mat Pilates, swiss ball and foam roller-based Pilates - Links from our Facebook page

Active Gold Our over-65s exercise class has also been taken onlin also ( ) to help keep those restricted to the home active, strong and mobile.

One-to-one physio led Pilates sessions online 
Continue your health and fitness goals with our virtual sessions. Please email reception if you would like to book

Equipment If you would benefit from any equipment (swiss balls, foam rollers, resistance bands, supports or bracing) please contact us and we can arrange delivery directly from the providers who are still in operation.