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Jak Dunlay
Occupational Therapist


Jak grew up in Christchurch, moved to Auckland in 2015 to study at Auckland University of Technology. Jak graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor’s in Health Science, Occupational Therapy, he joined the Active Plus team mid-way through 2018. Jak is eager to continue his learning and personal/professional development in Occupational Therapy practice and began postgraduate studies in 2018. Jak enjoys working in vocational rehabilitation, promoting independence and improving the welfare of the clients that require his input. During Jak’s practicum in his last year of his undergraduate studies he spent time working in hand therapy. This has become an area of interest for Jak and one day hopes to merge hand therapy with vocational rehabilitation, everyone uses their hands for work.

In Jak’s spare time he enjoys playing and watching all sports, travelling and eating.

My Goals

To continue growing and developing my knowledge in Occupational Therapy practice through post graduate studies and experience.

Jak Dunlay