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Kath Broad


Kath has been practicing physio for over 20 years and is experienced in a wide range of treatment specialties. Early in her career she worked at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in London and this started her on a path of working with sports and orthopaedics. She has been a provider for the New Zealand Academy of Sport and worked with many elite sports people. Her current passion is running and has help to set up a running clinic at Active+ Dominion Road where we help runners (or those who want to be) to strengthening and adapt their bodies to be less likely to injure themselves.

In more recent years she has focused on working with people with cancer through being a PINC and STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation physiotherapist. As part of this she takes group session for women with cancer - Next Steps which is a step class incorporating Pilates, Yoga and relaxation; and PaddleOn in which women with cancer learn how to stand up paddle board.

Kath has 3 post graduate qualifications which have allowed her to focus on such areas as acupuncture and vocational rehabilitation (helping people back to work following injury or illness).


My Goals

Goal for 2018 - to run Taupo Ultramarathon in October

Kath Broad


MHSc (Hons)
PG Cert (Acup) 2000
PGCert (Voc Rehab)
BPhty 1995