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Ryan Tull
Occupational Therapist


An Aucklander born and raised, Ryan graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor in Occupational Therapy, and started work with Active Plus shortly after. He begam postgraduate studies in 2017 and is eager to build on what he has already learned as a Therapist. Ryan enjoys working on the Vocational Rehab programmes and has a special interest in developing equipment options to assist people to return to their daily activities, he hopes to one day work as part of a team developing robotic prosthetics.

Ryan doesn’t have spare time, but does have two children Leonardo (born 2014) and Ariana (born 2017) who he loves spending time with.


My Goals

To develop his knowledge base to be able to assist in developing programmes and rehab protocols in the future

To get a full night's sleep (children permitting)