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After 40-odd years of back pain that goes back to a serious horse-riding accident when I was 16 and a relatively unsuccessful spinal fusion operation 15 years ago, my problems have disappeared thanks to remedial pilates. I now realise that the only way to cure my problem is for my body to help itself, rather than having things done to it. Over the years I've tried massage, manipulation, physo, painkillers, hanging from ladders, yoga, meditation, gym, different exercises, Alexander Technique (which helps a little still), cranial osteopathy, Feldencrais (which also helps a little) and more. The last spinal surgeon I saw diagnosed me as 40% disabled. The only thing that has made my back strong and pain-free for several years on end, is remedial Pilates. I have attended small group classes at Active Physio Dominion Road, for over two years and during that time have not had one problem with my back. My tutor, Sandra Scown has carefully put together a series of exercises created to strengthen my core muscles which started to work.almost immediately. And this with only one session a week, though I do do some pilates floor exercises at home when I remember. I now live a normal, highly physical, life again. Indeed, I'm even thinking of going back to horse riding and skiing.

Carroll Du Chateau

Happy Customer

To Kath and the team at Active Physio - thanks so much for all your help in 2014. I managed to achieve my goal and Tarawera Ultra 60km AND Kepler Challenge thanks to your expertise. Your support has been invaluable not only as my physio but as fellow runners!


Ultra marathon runner

Active Physio Dominion Rd provided me with excellent treatment that worked well. I was never kept waiting and the staff were friendly and professional.


Happy Customer

I want to thank you for the advice and programme of exercise you gave me that got me through my South Island walking holiday successfully. I also like to thank everyone at Active Physio Dominion Rd for their pleasantness and friendliness during my period of self-induced torture, otherwise known as rehabilitation!

John Anderson

Happy Customer

After two years of struggling to go to sleep at night, I tried Acupuncture with Active Physio. Three sessions later and I'm sleeping like a baby. Thanks!


Happy Customer

"Oh my goodness, that was the most fun EVER. Can I do it again next week?" (referring to Lisa's Kids Rehab Class)!!

Zoe Broad

Happy Customer