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Andrea Marchand


Andrea has been with Active for the past 8 years based at the Highbrook clinic.

Andrea is from Canada where she worked as a Kinesiologist and elite level ski coach. She completed her Physiotherapy degree at AUT in 2007, and her postgraduate diploma in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in 2016. Andrea has a broad range of experience treating general musculoskeletal injuries in all age groups and has a special interest in sports injuries, adolescent injuries and osteoarthritis with a particular interest in knee and lower limb. In addition to clinic-based treatment, Andrea teaches Pilates and exercise based vocational rehabilitation programmes.

A former member of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team, Andrea enjoys mountain biking, cycling, skiing, kayaking and tramping with her husband.

My Goals

  • To Continue my Pilates education and work on Sports and rehab with special populations including the older athlete.
Andrea Marchand


PGD Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy