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Unfortunately our Pilates classes are now on hold due to instructor maternity leave. Please contact the clinic on 06 9270510 if you would like your name added to our email list for updates of when they will resume.

Move-It Marton 

Physical exercise is an important part of maintaining, and improving, your general health. Improving your strength and balance can help prevent injuries before they happen, as well as improve the function of your heart and lungs. Active+ Marton is now opening it's gym doors to the community and allowing anyone to come and participate in gym-based exercise, while under the supervision of a trained physiotherapist. Move-It Marton is a free-form style class intended to allow for people with different levels of fitness to do as much as they feel able to in a safe, no-pressure environment. During each hour and a half class you can perform the exercises in your own time, coming in and leaving when you want. 

During each class you will have one of our trained physiotherapists present to answer your health and wellness questions, as well as guide you on how you can get more out of each of the classes. After you finish there will be tea and coffee avaliable, and all of this for only $2 per class

Classes run every Monday and Thursday.