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Patrycja Maryszczak
Senior Physiotherapist


Patrycja qualified as a Physiotherapist, Bachelor of Science (Hons), at York St John University in England and has worked for several years within the National Health Service.

 Initially Patrycja worked in Elderly Care, Respiratory, Neurological and Stroke In-patient settings. Before moving to community practice in Musculoskeletal Out-patient clinics where she decided to specialise and has since become a Senior Musculoskeletal and Orthopaedic Physiotherapist.

She has a special interest in treating spinal, shoulder and hip & knee injuries and always aims to provide individually designed and holistic rehabilitation programs. Patrycja values knowledge- as it is an important and empowering tool, hence she spends time to explain to clients about various mechanisms and systems in the body that need taking care of to treat their problem effectively. Patrycja is keen on injury prevention and reconditioning, on improving neuromuscular control and body awareness. She also has a special interest in how physical, emotional and traumatic experiences affect human body and wellbeing. Patrycja loves spending her time on studying the Nervous System and various techniques that help to regulate it effectively, to enhance persons wellbeing and resilience to stress – physical and emotional.

Patrycja emphasises importance of slowing down, rest & recharge time, which is an important investment in oneself and future.

Patrycja practices Somatic Movements and Yoga, she has completed Somatic Movements courses in Thomas Hanna approach and Contemporary Yoga 200hr training. She has also trained in Clinical Pilates.

During her spare time Patrycja enjoys hiking and being in nature, does resistance training & sweats in sauna and chills in an ice bath to keep herself fit and healthy; she enjoys reading books, gardening and spending time with friends.

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