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Angela King
Occupational Therapist


Angela graduated as an Occupational Therapist 19 years ago and has specialised in Neurological Rehabilitation for the past 15 of those, both for ACC private providers and through the DHB.  This has included people with concussion, traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, stroke, brain tumours, and many complex neurological conditions.  Angela enjoys the complexity of finding solutions to enable people to return to the highest level of independence and adjustment to their condition that they can.  Every person is different and this leads to a new solution for everyone and their lives.  Angela started with Active Plus in February 2022


My Goals

Continue to develop rehabilitation practice skills through education, training, and by working alongside clients.  As best practice constantly changes, this is a continual journey. 

Develop further interviewing and mindfulness techniques to support the recovery from TBI.  

Angela King


Bachelor of Health Science (Occupational Therapy)
NZ Registered Occupational Therapist
Post Grad Certificate (Clinical Rehabilitation)