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Isobel Finlayson


Isobel has worked as a Physiotherapist for 30 years and has a strong interest in Hydrotherapy. She has worked in the community for the past 23 years initially instructing hydrotherapy classes for people with Arthritis, then gym and hydrotherapy class for people with long-term disabilities due to neurological disorders. Alongside these classes, she worked part-time as a Hospital Community Physiotherapist for five years, then leaving there to do Musculoskeletal work in a Private Practice clinic and in the community.

Isobel was involved in the design of the Whangarei Aquatic Centre Hydrotherapy pool ensuring that there are ramp entry and a deep end for people to exercise into experience greater freedom of movement. The Stroke Hydrotherapy class started when the Hydrotherapy pool opened in 2007 and in recent years Isobel has added instructing classes for Parkinson’s Disease at the Aquatic Centre and Kensington Fitness and has resumed instructing the Huffers and Puffers class for Chronic Lung disease at Kensington Fitness.

She has worked with people in the Community doing ACC contracts since 2011 doing TI, TIAS and SDA programmes.

My Goals

Continue to support her elderly parents 

Develop more expertise in earth building using locally sourced brown rock stabilised by cement in preparation for helping other aspiring owner builders to make their own homes.

Isobel Finlayson


Diploma of Physiotherapy