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Rae Beuker
Occupational Therapist


Rae discovered Occupational Therapy in her early thirties during the palliative care journey with her father. Her interactions with an Occupational Therapist at this time presented an holistic approach to patient-centred care that inspired Rae to take a significant career swing. Leaving her work in education, creative therapies and body work, she undertook a 4- year Occupational Therapy degree in Australia. Since her graduation Rae has predominantly worked within the district health boards of NSW and Northland, New Zealand, across the areas of in-patient acute care, in-patient rehabilitation and community rehabilitation.

Over the past decade Rae has become particularly interested in neurology, psychology and working with clients with neurological disorders and brain injuries. Her other work interests include functional and environmental medicine, women’s health, art as therapy, energy work, herbal medicine, meditation and exercise prescription. Having travelled widely, Rae enjoys meeting and working with clients from different cultures and countries. As an artist, Rae believes in the healing potential of creativity, colour and the natural environment as powerful tools that can be utilized as part of a balanced lifestyle or recovery program.


Painting, walking, Yoga, word games, dressing up in bright, happy clothes and hugging trees around the world.


My Goals

To find new creative solutions to old problems.

To always love what I do. To keep learning.

To find ways to maximise people's potential

To bring a holistic approach to a client’s well- being.

Rae Beuker


MA Art Therapy
BSecEd Art/Design
BA(Hons)Illustration Design
NZ Diploma Massage