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Rebecca Ranum
Occupational Therapist


Rebecca graduated as an occupational therapist in 1992. She worked in different mental health settings for 3 years before traveling overseas. While residing in London, Rebecca worked in community hospitals with mostly stroke patients and also a community brain injury rehabilitation centre. Upon returning to New Zealand in 1998, Rebecca began working for a company in Auckland specialising in community-based brain injury rehabilitation.

Rebecca moved with her new family to rural Kaitaia in 2000, and has worked in community rehabilitation as a contract occupational therapist doing ACC work, for most of the intervening time. Rebecca has experience with brain injury and spinal injury rehabilitation and with carrying out integrated assessments and equipment assessments. 

In her spare time, Rebecca enjoys gardening, walking, singing and meditation.

My Goals

Rebecca has trained in Non-Violent Communication (NVC), a mind set that focuses on identifiying feelings and needs as a way of connecting with people. Rebecca aims to integrate this into her occupational therapy practice