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Sarah Collins
Occupational Therapist


Sarah is a New Zealand registered and trained Occupational Therapist who graduated from Otago Polytechnic with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy in 2000. She initially worked in paediatrics in New Zealand as a new graduate before travelling overseas for a period of time working throughout the United Kingdom. When she returned to New Zealand in 2006, she moved to Northland and begun working in the field of rehabilitation. She has extensive experience working alongside those in the community with serious spinal and brain injuries. Sarah has worked with clients of all ages and abilities, and enjoys the variety and challenges of working with a diverse range of people within their homes and local communities, and alongside other health providers. She has also worked on a range of ACC contracts, both assessments (Equipment Assessments, Housing Assessments, Social Rehabilitation Assessments), and rehabilitation programmes (Training for Independence Programmes, Concussion, and Short Term and Wellbeing Programmes).

Sarah loves the outdoors, and enjoys spending time with her family on the water either fishing, diving or paddle boarding, or mountain biking in the Waitangi Forrest

My Goals

To develop and grow my understanding of mindfulness techniques, and utilise these into my daily practice for the benefit of those I work with.

Sarah Collins


Bachelor Of Occupational Therapy