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Sue Field
Occupational Therapist


Sue has been an Occupational Therapist for over 30 years. Sue's study and career have centered around her interest in community-based services.  Sue has a strong belief in empowering individuals to gain control over their own lives and enabling them to pursue their goals and aspirations. Through her various roles working as an occupational therapist and as an early childhood teacher, Sue has worked with clients of all ages from new-born to the elderly, who have experienced a wide range of medical conditions and injuries, including serious injuries (spinal and traumatic brain injuries). Sue has been completing a wide range of ACC contracts throughout Northland for over 20 years with her passion being the social rehab contracts – particularly equipment and housing modifications.

Outside of work I like to keep fit and active with a wide range of outdoor activities such as cycling, running, swimming, tramping, kayaking etc and she enjoys giving back to the community by volunteering for several community organisations.

My Goals

To provide quality services that offer effective and innovative therapeutic solutions to facilitate improvements to the lives of people living with a disability in Northland.  

Sue Field


Diploma in Occupational Therapy
Diploma in Early Childhood Education