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Emma Romo
Occupational Therapist


Emma has a range of clinical experiences including Occupational Therapy for vocational rehabilitation, pain management, social rehabilitation, training for independence, concussion management, mental health, and within the education sector.

Using a holistic and occupation-focused approach, Emma enjoys helping others to achieve independence with their daily activities following disability, injury, or illness. 

Emma is committed to helping people to reach their rehabilitation goals using a spectrum of enablement skills by advocating, coaching, educating, and adapting, just to name a few. She also loves working with a diverse range of cultures. During all client contacts there is a real emphasis on cultural sensitivity and shared decision-making.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family, crafts, and baking.

My Goals

  • To gain more knowledge about wheelchair and seating prescription
  • To advance my knowledge of rehabilitation interventions for people with mild traumatic brain injury
  • To advance my supervisory skills
Emma Romo


Postgraduate Certificate in Rehabilitation