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I have had fantastic treatment at Active + Te Rapa - their physios are outstanding and I wouldn't go anywhere else again. Great facility, choice peeps and they are responsible for helping me get back to work and help me cope with the world again :-) !! Thanks team!

Camille Guzwell

Radio Announcer

After suffering from a very sore neck and shoulder ache for a while I was referred to Active+ Te Rapa. I highly recommend Gemma Kearins as a competent, personable and professional physiotherapist. After a few weekly sessions with Gemma of massage, acupuncture and a series of exercises, the strength in my shoulder has improved and the pain has decreased. I am now on monthly sessions with her which will soon come to an end as my pain reduces.

Judy Johnstone

Happy Customer

Due to a repetitive work strain injury that had been misdiagnosed as arthritis for 8 months my partner visited physiotherapist, Gemma at Active+ Te Rapa. He had been suffering severe acute pain with his injury, had been placed on a massive amount of prescription pain medication and was also starting to suffer other injuries relating to the original, long-standing injury. He was feeling down due to his loss of enjoyment in life and was worried about keeping his job due to the restrictions he was facing from this very painful condition. Gemma has been very knowledgeable and extremely thorough with her diagnosis and treatment plan. She is now directing my partner’s gradual return to work, working alongside his GP, ACC and HR personnel to ensure that he will not re-injure himself again at his workplace. Gemma has shown us clearly she is working for the best outcome possible for my partner’s strength and wellbeing. This is evident from the reduction in pain and the increase in mobility after 2 sessions. My partner now has hope that one day he will not only be pain free but may even be able to go back to playing golf! For me it’s knowing that he will be going back to work safely and pain free and we will again have quality of life. We cannot say a big enough thank you to Active + for all the expert tender care advice and information that you have given us.

Katy Stevens

Happy Customer