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Andrea Pletikosic
Clinical Lead Neuro Physiotherapist


Andrea is an experienced physio working in neurological physiotherapy for over 30 years. Initially trained in Germany, she received her NZ registration in 1995 and has since worked in the public hospital, community and universiy clinic settings. Andrea completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science/.Health Professional Education and is looking forward to introducing students to the neuro clinic. While passionate about all neurological disorders, Andrea's special interests are Stroke, Parkinson's Disease and FND. She enjoys she being active with regular hikes and zumba. Andrea also has a special interest in music and has competed nationally and internationally with her Chorus in Barbershop.

My Goals

To stay up to date with client-centred neurological physiotherapy.

Provide a safe learning space and excellent experience for physiotherapy students.

Complete more of New Zealand's Great Walks.