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Indy Francis


Indy graduated from Auckland University of Technology in 2023 with a Bachelor of Health Science in Physiotherapy and is very excited to be starting her Physiotherapy career at Active+ Albany. Her practical experience includes private practice, hospital based, chronic pain and outpatient musculoskeletal. Indy also completed her Reformer Pilates training in 2019 with Polestar NZ and is currently working towards her Pilates Mat training.

Indy is passionate about health and wellbeing and believes in a holistic, evidence-based approach with her clients, incorporating education, mindfulness, exercise-based rehabilitation and manual therapy to facilitate them to achieve their goals and optimise their health.

Outside of work, Indy enjoys keeping active with horse riding, dog walks, gardening and Pilates.


My Goals

  • Continue to progress her Pilates skills and classes.
  • Continue to develop her manual therapy skills.
  • Grow passionfruit in the garden.
Indy Francis


BHSc Physiotherapy