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Harry Fitzgerald


Harry graduated from Otago University with his physiotherapy degree at the end of 2016. After 4 years of studying in the cold south he decided to head north in search of a warmer climate, settling in Whanganui. Having joined Active+ at the start of 2017, Harry is keen to live up to, and exceed, the high quality of practice set by the rest of the Active+ physiotherapy team.

Harry is passionate about helping people enhance their lives through physical wellness. He has many special interests within physiotherapy, from biomechanics and injury prevention, to concussion rehabilitation and physical conditioning. He has previous taught Pilates group classes in both Wanganui and Marton.

Since 2014 Harry worked as an on-field medic, supporting many rugby teams at all levels of the sport. From the Otago Boys 1st and 2nd XV teams, to the Tawa Rugby Club’s premier men’s in Wellington. More recently he has been working with the Whanganui Heartland team and keenly anticipates their next Meads Cup victory. Harry’s personal sporting passion firmly rests within the realm of martial arts. He has previously competed at a national level in Muay Thai kickboxing, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, and Mixed Martial Arts.

In 2020 Harry completed his Post Graduate studies in Acupuncture, having used various simple needling techniques since he started practicing in 2017. He is now incorporating more complex methods of Western Medical Acupuncture to complement his solid foundation of manual therapy techniques and exercise prescription. 

My Goals

  • Return to Otago for my Master's in Physiotherapy
Harry Fitzgerald


Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy (Otago University)
PG Accupuncture
Member of Physiotherapy New Zealand (PNZ)