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Stacey Landry


Stacey studied her undergraduate degree in Physiotherapy at AUT graduating in 2019 and commenced working at Active Plus in January 2020. Her clinic interests are musculoskeletal physiotherapy, exercise rehabilitation and Pilates. Stacey has a history of New Zealand level representation in Water Polo therefore she has a passion for sporting rehabilitation and  a unique understanding of athlete psychology. She has completed a Polestar Pilates gateway mat course (2020) which she integrates into her everyday practice. Stacey runs multiple exercise classes throughout the week in the clinic including Cardio + Pilates, Gold classes and Reformer Pilates. She enjoys meeting people and approaches every client with a holistic health model, including not just the presenting physical injury but considering ones social, emotional and spiritual aspects of life that may be contributing. Stacey enjoys Surfing, walking her dog, going to the gym and being with her friends and family.

My Goals

To run a marathon this year!

Stacey Landry


BHSc (Physiotherapy)