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Brady Cates
Clinical Director / Senior Physiotherapist


I have spent a large part of my career Specialising in sports and spinal rehabilitation and persistent pain management.  I have been fortunate enough to work with many fantastic sports teams.  Some career highlights include working with The Highlanders, The Wellington Phoenix, ITTF World Tennis Championship and Premier Rugby Physiotherapy in NZ and London.

Outside of work you will likely find me bobbing in the water Surfing, swimming, fishing or diving.  When I am forced onto dry land I am usually mountain biking around Mangamahoe trying to wear out my furry little bullet Joey.

My 9-5 life ethos:  Do great rehab & have fun!



My Goals

Do great rehab and have fun doing it!

Foster clinical excellence within our team.

Continuing to enhance patient outcomes.

Support and empower staff.

Brady Cates


BSc, BPhty, PG Cert (HSc)