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Claire Berthelsen
Occupational Therapist


Claire joined our team in June 2020 after returning home from spending a few years in Canada.

Claire loves getting outdoors and active, she is a keen scuba diver, surfer, and mountain biker. Don't be suprised to see her on her surfboard at back beach even in the middle of winter!

Claire is a passionate Occupational Therapists and works in Vocational Rehabilitation, Housing Modifications, Occupational Assessments and Social Rehabilitation.

My Goals

To achieve successful rehabilitation outcomes using a collaborative approach based on client needs and values

Improving accessibility and quality of living in the Taranaki community through housing modification assessment services

Seeing patient needs beyond a biomedical model and incorporating social factors of health into patient care, to advocate on behalf of others

Claire Berthelsen


Honours Dissertation in Occupational Therapy
Bachelor of Occupational Therapy