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Emma Romo
Occupational Therapist


*Currently on parental leave*

Emma has a range of clinical experiences including working within vocational rehabilitation, pain management, social rehabilitation, training for independence, paediatric therapy within a school, in addition to mental health experience. 

Using a holistic and occupation-focused approach, Emma enjoys supporting people to return to their valued roles and activities following injury or illness. 

Emma is committed to helping people to reach their occupational goals using a spectrum of enablement skills by advocating, collaborating, engaging and adapting, the list goes on! She also loves working with a diverse range of cultures. During all client contacts there is a real emphasis on respecting individual cultures. Client-centredness is valued. 

In her spare time, she enjoys keeping in contact with family, sewing and going for walks.

My Goals

  • To do a professional development course in supervision within one year


    To establish a greenhouse at home to grow vegetables all year round within 6 months

Emma Romo