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Service Charges 

ACC Initial & Follow Up Appointment (in clinic and Telehealth)$30
ACC Initial & Follow Up Appointment - Concession (in clinic and Telehealth)$25
Private Initial & Follow Up Appointment (in clinic and Telehealth)$70
Private Initial & Follow Up Appointment - Concession (in clinic and Telehealth)$65
Sports Massage - 30 mins$60
Sports Massage - 60mins$100
Pilates Individual – 30 mins$60
Pilates Individual – 60 mins$100
Pilates Class - 50 mins$16
Pilates Class - Concession (Buy 10 Get 1 Free)$160
Failed Attendance (Without 24hr Notice)$40
Materials used in treatment will incur an extra fee 
Payment required at the completion of each appointment