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Georgie Owen
Occupational Therapist


Georgie graduated in the UK, with a Bachelor of Science Occupational Therapy degree and worked in the field of Acute and Rehabilitation with Stroke and Neurological patients within the NHS.

Before leaving the UK, she worked in the Third sector (i.e. a Charitable Trust) working with End of Life patients and Carer Support.

Georgie moved to Whanganui nearly 4 years ago to take up the Occupational Therapy Clinical Coordinator post at Whanganui Hospital and gained experience of the ‘Kiwi’ health systems.

Georgie is passionate about Occupational Therapy and how the profession can help people back to the lifestyles and the things that are important to them and their families. She is excited to be working alongside such a strong and motivated team at Active+ and looks forward to many happy years here.

When not at work, Georgie has a menagerie at home, and is quickly adopting animals and chooks. She likes the fact that Whanganui is so close to the beach, which she loves, and loves finding new places in New Zealand to investigate and sending photos back to England – but New Zealand is the place to be!!!

My Goals

To spend more time with my family- the old work life balance goal!!

To travel more around New Zealand and see some penguins in the wild.

To attend training for Housing Modifications and use this in practice.

Georgie Owen


BSc. (Hons) in Occupational Therapy