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Kelvin Sasse


Kelvin graduated AUT in 2023 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and is eager to bring his skills and passion to the Whanganui Community. 

Kelvin's academic journey flourished with the award of a Summer Research Scholarship, allowing him to make meaningful contributions to physiotherapy research.

His dedication to advocacy for the rainbow community earned Kelvin the esteemed Rachel de Jong Award in 2023, underscoring his commitment to inclusivity and social progress.

With hands-on experience in inpatient care across Assessment, Treatment, and Rehabilitation wards, as well as the medical ward, Kelvin is well-versed in holistic patient care. His expertise extends to musculoskeletal outpatient settings, where he's honed his skills further.

Falling in love with Whanganui during his placements at WDHB, Kelvin made the vibrant city his home alongside his partner and two beloved fur babies. Beyond his professional pursuits, Kelvin enjoys skating, disc golf, road trips, loud music and spending time with his family


My Goals

  1. To continue to upskill in manual therapy techniques
  2. Spending more time hiking and exploring the region
Kelvin Sasse


BHSc (Physio)