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Rehabilitation Services

What is Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation (or Rehab) is the act of restoring something to its original state, and for our clients at Active+, that means getting you back to a condition of good health and making sure you are able to work again. Our rehabilitation services cover a wide range of conditions and are designed to help you recover from physical injuries, serious illnesses, chronic pain and mind health issues.

Pain Management and Rehabilitation 

We deliver a fully integrated multi-disciplinary programme of pain management and rehabilitation services through a wide range of clinicians. See our Pain Management and Rehabilitation Services for more details.

Concussion Service

Active+ delivers a fully integrated multi-disciplinary programme of concussion management, through some of New Zealands most respected clinicians in this area, such as Penny McGarry, Jan Henry and neurologist Dr Roz Hill. See our Concussion Service page for more details. 

Cancer Rehabilitation

For anyone with cancer, Active+ provides cancer rehabilitation programmes to help reduce the side effects of the disease process, and also often the side-effects of the required medical treatment interventions also.  See our Cancer Rehabilitation Services for more details.    

Exercise Rehabilitation

Exercise rehabilitation is a mainstay of treatment for many of the people we work with. As part of your rehabilitation programme for many injuries and ACC contracts, but also for preventative work, we will advise and teach you a physical rehabilitation programme of care to get you back to the things you want to do as quickly as possible. Cardiovascular fitness training, flexibility, strengthening and stability training, balance work and movement re-education are all components that need to be worked on to achieve this. At Active+, your exercise rehabilitation may involve using exercise equipment at the physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinic such as weights, therabands, swiss balls, balance boards and foam rollers, and is also likely to include a programme of exercises that you can do at home. We use an online exercise prescription software called PhysiTrack, to enable you to see pictures, videos and explanations of your exercises, and also allows you to let us know if you are having problems with any of them. See our listing of physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinics which are located across Auckland and the North Island.      

Contracted Services For more information:

See a list of the contracted services that we hold. 

For more information:

 To find out what rehabilitation options are available in your area see our list of North Island physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinics. After an initial assessment, we can advise you on the best course of rehab to get you active again.